Our week.

Hello you! 

I thought I would share a few snaps of the mini activities we’ve been doing at home this week.

On Sunday we were supposed to have friends visit so I picked up a ginger bread man decorating kit up for the kids. Unfortunately the play date didn’t go ahead but we still decorated the biscuits and then enjoyed eating them whilst watching a film. 

We have also doubled up painting into making wrapping paper this week. 

E makes such lovely art and I never want to throw it away but let’s be honest who needs 27 zillion toddler doodles? Not me! So we used the IKEA paper roll and made wrapping paper. This week we made some for christening gifts. 

Given that the weather has been great we have also been in the garden lots. Water has featured heavily this week. Water play is such a low maintenance activity and I love it. I fill her table up with warm water, give her various things to pour, splash and sprinkle and she’s away for literally hours!

This week we properly discovered our local children’s centre and I am thrilled. There’s a group on for E every day but we’ve opted to attend three afternoon groups and possibly a Tuesday morning. The groups are great because E gets to socialise with other kids and I get a break from trying to entertain her. 

I’ll leave it there for now!

Talk soon xx 

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