The Deep. 

Hello you! 

Today we visited The Deep in Hull and I thought I would share a little about our day with you! 

The Deep is basically a giant aquarium with lots of fish and information about fish. What we learnt today though is that it is also a Toddler haven. 

E LOVED IT! We saw sharks, nemo fish and Penguins. 

The Penguins were a particular hit with E as they swam and splashed around. 

We met up with friends who have a 5 month old baby, we weren’t sure if she would get anything out of it but The Deep is also very sensory. Lots of calming music, colourful lights and fish. Even 5 month olds love looking at colourful fish. 

The Deep isn’t huge and we didn’t read much info as E was on a mission to get from one tank to the next but we were still in there for around an hour or so. What I loved was that tickets at The Deep are year long. So you pay for the day but can go back as much as you want for a whole year after. I know we will absolutely take E again at least once, maybe twice as we don’t live too far away so it is total value for money even though it isn’t a whole day kind of place. 

I really loved that lots of things were at the right height for E too so she was totally involved in the experience. 

At the end of the walk around you have to go back up to the beginning and you can do this either by going in a lift through the main fish tank or taking the scenic stairs.

 Always take the stairs. We’ve been a few times and there’s never been anyone on the stairs. It’s like a personal aquarium with huge veiwing areas on each floor. We loved seeing massive sting ray and sharks swim past us. 

All in all, we really enjoyed our time at The Deep. We did phone ahead and find out the best time of day to go and I’m glad we did as I later read on their Facebook page that it gets very busy. 

I’m going to end with this snap of the wild ones favourite fish – this very ugly eel. She loved him and stayed and chatted to him for ages, we even blew him kisses as we left. I love that she bypassed all the colourful fish and obviously loveable attractions to sit and have a chat with this old fellow. She melts my heart.

Talk soon! 

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