Nuby Garden fresh – Fruitsicles review 

Hello you! 

I’m done with the scheduled blogging. Real life got in the way so I’ll blog what I want, when I want! 

It’s been hot here recently and I realised we didn’t have ice lolly makers in the house – the horror!! 

Isn’t a home made ice lolly a summer essential for every kid? We think so. So off to Amazon I went to see what we could prime and these Nuby moulds caught my eye. 

They are advertised for younger babies as they venture into weaning but I knew they would be ideal for us as a) E eats very little so we needed something smaller than a usual ice pop maker  and b) She is very small for her age and big girl things often feel clumsy in her hands so these moulds ticked the boxes! 

They arrived and we were impressed as much as you can be for a ice lolly mould. They are bpa free which is a winner and the handle/lids click into place which keeps the whole thing secure. 

We made strawberry, banana and milk lollies – anything to get something good in her and popped them on the freezer. Because they are small they froze quickly and we were able to enjoy our labour a few hours later after our supper. 

They came out pretty easily and E had blast eating it. They must have felt like a pretty special treat because trust me, this toddler eats nothing at the moment unless it’s chips or it’s exciting.

Over all, I’m mega pleased with these and glad I spent the money getting these! 

Take care xx 

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