Monday meal plan! 

Hello you! 

It’s Monday and meal plan time. I don’t know about you but where we live we are mid heatwave and it’s amazing! Despite E being poorly we’ve been in the garden and having a great time. Because of that though I haven’t put that much thought into our grub. We shopped at Aldi this week and some how ended up with more stuff than 7 days worth so I’ll list them all and there won’t be a meal plan next week. 

As always, we have a plan and here it is –

Garlic mushroom cous cous with roasted cherry tomatoes (As pictured) 

Chicken Parmo with salad potatoes, green beans and brocoli. 

Baking potatoes with fajita topping

Jambalaya with chicken 

Summers day roast – Chicken, green beans, carrots and potatoes. What makes it summery?! No gravy. 

Pizza chicken with sweet potatoe fries and peas 

Baked potatoes and creamy garlic chicken (we have friends over and this is a request from them hence the double baked potatoe) 

Nandos – We are eating out as we are visiting The Deep in Hull with our friends. 

Chicken tikka curry with brown rice

Diet Coke chicken and egg fried rice 

Gammon with veggies 

And that’s all I think! We may need to pop to the shop and top up our milk, egg and bread supply but that’s all! 

What you eating during this glorious weather?! 

Talk soon xx 

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