Lunch with a little (monster!) 

Hello you! 

It’s no secret that E has food issues. She’s eat very small amounts of food, I’ve mentioned it before.

Recently though she’s been a little more vocal about food and we’ve discovered she prefers her food not to touch. She also prefers to eat with her fingers. She also prefers smaller light meals rather than 3 huge ones. 

This doesn’t surprise me at all because I deconstruct all my meals – I’ll eat a burger in layers. I’m not fussed about food touching but I’ll never combine food on a folk. I also prefer to use my fingers to eat (but I don’t around E) and I’m the ultimate snacker. 

I’m more than happy for E to eat in way that suits her but I will be teaching table manners as I feel these it’s important she knows how to properly present herself at meals. I would never use my fingers at a dinner party. 

I suppose I’m lucky that she still eats a variety of foods and her favourites are brocoli, raw carrots, eggs, apples, pears and gherkins. About a year ago I would perhaps type that it’s because she’s never been fed processed food and so on but now I own a toddler I realise they often do what the hell they like and one day you are likely to shove a waffle/pizza in front of them out of sheer desperation.

Leading on from her telling us more about her food choices I want t say that one.  thing I find the most fun about E being a toddler is the fact she can express her feelings and thoughts more and more. I can see the little person she is becoming. She is stubborn and fierce like me, she is cheeky and defiant like her dad but she has so many personality traits that just belong to her alone and it amazes me so much. 

Recently we’ve been calling her ‘the wild one’ and I think that’s her nickname now because she is wild, unstoppable and it’s so so wonderful. 

I’ll stop now

Take care 

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