Toddler Tuesday’s 

Hello you! 

What a week it’s been with E! What a week indeed.

E has had a very rotten cold and let me tell you, toddlers don’t cope well with colds. It’s been hard, especially as I’ve had the cold too. She’s been constantly teetering between happy and distraught for about a week and let’s not mention Saturday night/Sunday morning shall we?! 

Aside from the cold, not much has happened this week. We made it to one of the little groups we planned before the germs hit. We will be trying this week. I actually discovered a much closer group on a Tuesday am so our new schedule is going to be chaos but I think we need that! 

Oh! Something major did happen. E stopped napping. All together. Yup. You can send wine and sympathies now. How do I do my stuff now?! How?!? And will I drink a hot coffee again?! 

I had a telephone appt with the local speech and language team last week too. E has some speech ‘issues’ in that she speaks only in one syllable words. We used to think she was stream lining the English language but we did mention it to our HV who reffered us. The lady I spoke to was lovely – she chatted through some ideas/activities to do with E and found out a little more about her. She followed it all up with a leaflet in the post  and we have another telephone appt in 4 months. I’ve been thinking about doing a post on how we are spending time trying to help E with her speech, is that something you would like to read? We’ve done a few little activities with her and we were both thrilled at the words she used during it. 

That’s all really from this week. No major crafting, no extra fun. Just a mum and toddler battling a cold whilst trying to get through the day. 

Talk soon xx 

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