Meal planning Monday! 

Hello you! 

Monday again hey?!? Let’s go! It’s all back to normal here with all my family under one roof this week. Although I am recovering from a cold so using brain power to make a wonderful meal plan went out the window. Our freezer is absolutely chocca with stuff so I decided to have a dig around and see what I could find. So on the menu this week we have 

Roast chicken dinner with veggies and gluten free chocolate cake – We have friends over who are gluten free so something very simple. Gluten is in everything, did you know?!

Spag Bol with hidden veggies – says it all really? Found a bag of it in he freezer so all ill have to do is boil the pasta 

Tuna steaks, baked sweet potatoes and salad – Another simple and easy meal for a week night 

Make your own pizza – this was in the menu a few weeks ago but we never ate it so another meal that’ll be thrown together from the cupboard and freezer 

Stand and stuff tacos – I picked these up on the grocery shop to eat with some lean mince we have in the freezer. I’ve never had them but they look tasty. Will probably serve with a little salad. 

Gammon, chips, salad, corn and mushrooms – Again, gammon in the freezer so just another meal I can throw fishy her using it up. 

And that’s it! We are at my friends twins first birthday party at the weekend so I think we will eat party food and toast when we get home.

The weeks are whizzing by aren’t they? It’ll be Christmas soon and we’ll be talking stews and turkey. Ha!

That’s all for now

Talk soon xx 

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