Chalk board table 

Hello you!

A little while ago I bought this table and chair set for E to do crafts on.

We used to live in a very small house and it doubled up as a table for her to eat her meals on too. As time went by though the white board became stained with paint, food, crayons and looked a scruffy, despite being clean.

After we moved the table became used less and less as we now having an accessible dining table and lots of space. I didn’t want to throw it away though because a) it cost a lot of money and b) it was still being used in the way you would maybe use a coffee table.

What I decided to do was dismantle it and paint the white bits with chalk board paint.

Now we have a trendy looking coffee table that doubles up as a permanent activity in the living area for E. I’m going to buy some chalk board pens so me and hubs can write notes for each other too.

I’m really pleased with how it looks!! Perhaps I’ll start ‘upcycling’ our stuff more often!

Talk soon xx

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