Meet the dogs 

Hello you! 

I thought you may like to meet our dogs! 

Rooby and Candy, who are now 6, were born in January 2010 and came home with us in the March. 

They are sisters from the same litter, Rooby brown was always going to be our dog and we acquired Candy black because we simply couldn’t leave her behind. 

 She was the last remaining from the litter and she wasn’t claimed. The man whose dog had birthed them wasn’t sure what he was going to do with her, she had been having fits and he didn’t want to keep her. Without even asking hubs who was then just the boyfriend, I handed over the cash for her and we took them both home with us that day. Candy has been fit and well since then and there is nothing wrong with her. 

Rooby and Candy were my original babies. Having two puppies is hard work but it is worth it, they were and still are my best mates.

Although they are ageing now they are still full of boundless energy. We walk them every day and they just run like wild stallions. 

For a little while Candy didn’t seem happy living alongside E. It was an awful time period, she would grumble as E clumsily crawled around and we began to think we had no choice but to rehome her. Our daughters safety had to come first. We agonised about it for a few nights and then she just stopped grumbling and now everyone lives in harmony. Of course, E is never left alone with them – just in case.

Despite being sisters the two dogs are total opposites. Candy likes to be alone and we often find her snoozing on our bed. 

Rooby likes to be in the mix of it all, spending time with us and never missing out. 

I love dogs so much! Especially these two. 

Talk soon xx

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