Dropping nap times and eating woes 

Hello you! 

So what’s been happening with E this week? Aside from lots of fun with her nanny? 


We are fairly sure she is cutting her final back teeth as she’s had a pretty unsettled few days. Her speech is a little behind so she still can’t communicate with us which leads to lots of frustration and tears on her part. 

We’ve stuck to waking her up after an hour for her nap and that’s been born a blessing and a challenge. Waking her feels mean and for a few moments post nap she is really unhappy but bed time has calmed down and *touch wood* is almost a nice experience again.

We’ve also had some issues with E eating. Or should I say, me being frustrated and worried that she wasn’t eating enough. It’s been really awful for a few weeks and finally I asked on an online forum and someone recommended ‘My child won’t eat’ by Carlos Gonzàlez to me. 

What a life changer. I would really recommend it if you have issues with your child not eating. In fact, if you are pregnant, have a baby/child regardless of how they eat I recommend it as a good read.

It really helped me realise the only issue with her eating were my own and I simply need to offer her food and if she eats then great but if she doesn’t then that’s ok too. (This is all assuming the child is healthy with no underlying issues) 

It had gottten to stage where I was bribing her, begging and even feeding her in front of the TV so she was distracted and that, my blog reading friends, is not right. 

Other than sleep and food woes, E has been mostly happy this week. She really is a ray of sunshine in my life, it’s never dull! 

Talk soon x x 

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