Meal planning Monday

Hello you! 

Another Monday. Another meal plan! My mum is here again for a few nights this week so the meals aren’t our usual but she’s particular with her food and I like to make sure she is happy! Perhaps one day I’ll explain why I binge see my mum/dad and then don’t mention them for months but for now, on with the show! 

This weeks menu is

Roast beef with vegetables and potatoes (mum is bringing the beef)  – Mum requested this as she often doesn’t get to cook large meals like this now all us kiddies have flown the nest.

Baked potatoes with prawns for me and Eva (a chicken burger for mum) – This is really simple supper planned for Tuesday as we have family visiting from Austrailia in the day time and we are going to eat out with them.

Roast chicken with veggies – A request from hubs who is desperately trying to eat a little better at the moment 

Gammon steak, sweet potato fries with salad – A fave of mine and super easy so why not? 

Home made pizzas – We all love home made pizzas. It’s a Friday tea. I make a sauce loaded with secret veggies and then E helps everyone put their toppings on. 

Bbq pork with home made sunshine rice – Sunshine rice was a super hit last week and I have some pork in the freezer that should be eaten soon so I’ll do this on Sunday in the slow cooker for when we get home from dog walking. 

Quorn Sausages with salad potatoes and salad – Sausages feature a lot in our diet as E loves them! I’m not a huge fan but I don’t dislike them! And hubs will eat anything apart from onions – unless they are chopped really small and no one tells him they are there. 

And that’s it for the week. It’s very simple again, it’s easier to please everyone when I keep it simple. 

Talk soon xx 

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