Under the sea – A 2nd birthday party 

Hello you!

Recently E turned 2 and we threw a party at home. It was Under the sea themed and I wanted to share a few snaps on her. 

I utilised Pinterest to the max – so many people have so many wonderful ideas! 

We used green crate paper to recreate seaweed, clear balloons for bubbles and cupcake wrappers for mini fish. Me and E made a little shoe box treasure chest filled with chocolate coins too. 

The weather was kind to us so we had the sand table outside which was a hit! 

I made all the little girls really simple no sew tutu dresses which were super cheap and super cute. I didn’t get a snap of those but you can see flashes of it in these pictures.

We also did a little bucket of water with bath toys in and couple of nets. Absolute hit! Toddlers love water and catching things. Anything caught was theirs to keep too. This made for very happy toddlers going home clutching little fish (I’m not sure their parents were happy to have yet another bath toy) 

For the children who didn’t want to play outside we set up a little craft table and cut some fish shapes out to colour in! 

We also did a small table of food and it was all under the sea themed.

We had star fish sarnies, sea snail sausage rolls, cheese puffs became crabs legs and triangles of cheese – shark teeth! We provided platters of fruits from the sea (just fruit)  and bottles of sea water (water between me and you) 

Her cake was amazing! We paid for it to be made because I’m just not that good and we were not dissappointed. It was a huge 10inch lemon cake, what the photos don’t show you is that is was all glittery. There was enough  to feed all the guests, take some for my grandparents, some for the neighbours to apologise for the 10+ cars on the driveway and some for us to eat for a few days after. 

Although these pictures look like only E was at her party I can assure you, there were lots of children. A great time was had by all and I was so pleased all my effort and hard work turned out so well. 

We gave giant bubble wands out as party favours which were a total hit. I hate party bags – loads of cheap plastic and sweets! So these were a great compromise! I don’t have any pictures of them though! 

We also got E is huge helium mermaid balloon which was one of her favourite presents. It arrived inflated in a huge box and addressed to her E. 

Our local postie is so cute and he asked for her at the door and delivered it to her. She absolutely loved it!   

Having said how wonderful the party was and it really was, it ended up costing as much as her first birthday party which was in a hall with some hired soft play. Only at that party we didn’t have to clean up after so I won’t be hosting an at home party next time! 

Talk soon xx 

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