The weekend box club. 

Hello you! 

We subscribe to a monthly box for E from the Weekend box club. I really love the box, as does E, so I wanted to post about it. This post isn’t a sponsored post and we pay for our subscription. 

It’s a monthly box packed with things for children to do and we love it. We heard about it via social media and subscribed straight away.

What we absolutely love about this box compared to the others out there is that you can pause the boxes when times are too busy and you can switch between a large four activity box and smaller 2 activity box. All of that appeals to me because some months are very very busy for us. 

The boxes are £4.95 for a mini or £7.50 for a large. 

They come beautifully packaged and with everything you need to get creative with your small. 

What absolutely THRILLS me about this box is that is comes addressed to the child. Cute!

Also, they email ahead of time to let you know what additional perishable things to buy. Our last box was 1 banana and this one is 2 round biscuits. Everything else is included in cute little packages and instructions are included too. 

For me, the best thing about these boxes are that hubs can get involved too. He is a wonderful wonderful dad but he finds unstructured/free play a little baffling. These boxes provide a clear objective and outcome which means as a team, hubs and E, can work together to create something wonderful like a rainforest in a bottle. 


Do you subscribe to any child boxes? I like to liken of these as ‘the magazine’ I used to get a child. Once a month – soooooo exciting and full of wonder. We have bought E a few magazines but I won’t lie, They aren’t as good as they used to be.

Talk soon xx 

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