Toddler Tuesday’s 

Hello you! 

Given we have meal planning Monday’s I thought I would do a Toddler Tuesday. 

A weekly insight into life with E, a 2 year old on a mission.

This week E has her Nanny is staying with us so is bound to have a blast. Nanny is fun, she plays all the time and brings chocolate so what’s not to love? 

We have a full diary this week. In an attempt to busy her we are starting 3 new play groups this week. A messy play, a story time session and an physical session. These take place at our local community centre and I’m really excited to get her involved in them. 

E is currently having a hard time with bed time. It’s come from no where really but she gets really upset about going to sleep and insistent she just wants to cuddle me in a dark room. Dark room cuddling is very sweet but I miss my evenings so we’ve started limiting day time nap to 1 hour.

I am absolutely exhausted this week. Doing all of everything including the wake ups is hard. My mum has offered to let me have a sleep in but I can’t do it. I know I should but what I should do and what I will do are always very different. 

We’ve had sleep struggles in the past so I know this is just a phase but ach, I am sooooo tired.

I’ve recently been thinking about enrolling E into some baby ballet. I think she’ll love it but I worry about all the structure/rules and pressure that may be put onto her as she gets old and for that reason I’ve been avoiding it. So this week I am going to focus my search on looking for a swimming group for her. We haven’t been swimming a lot as I found it really stressful when she was small but she’s much older now so I know we can make it work. I can drive but I know there’s a little bus we can hop on to the pool and I think she’ll love it! 

Right, I’ll leave it there! 

Talk soon xx 

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