Monday meal planning! 

Hello you!

Another Monday again. Another meal plan. This week is an odd one as my mum is coming to stay whilst my hubs is away with work. My mum is on a diet so I’ll be trying to cater for her needs during meal times too. 

With that in mind, this week we are having 

Spag Bol – We don’t often have meals twice in a weekly row but E loves it and my mum does too. 

Sausages, veggies and potatoe – Really simple and again, always  a total hit with both E and Mum.

Pork loin, savoury rice and veggies – We didn’t get to eat this last week so I cooked it on Sunday instead. It was delicious. 

Baked sweet potatoes with tuna – I LOVE baked sweet potatoes so this is a supper for me.

Home made chicken tikka and rice – Hubs is home on the Friday and we love to have a curry together and catch up on the week when he’s been away.

Roast chicken dinner – Standard right?! 

Home made lean steak beef burgers and sweet potato fries – Hubs makes the burgers in this house and he loves it! 

And that’s all I have planned! 

I am getting a bit low on ideas at the moment so whilst my mum is here and happy to play with E, I am going to trawl the Internet for some new recipes. (And hopefully go get my eyebrows waxed too) 

Talk soon xx 

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