Xanthelasma and me 

Hello you! 


This is my face and those yellow splodges above my eyes and one below are my xanthelasma.

Xanthelasma is, from my understanding, a fatty build up under the skin. Usually indicative of high cholesterol and heart disease. Great. 

My little splodges appeared when pregnant and in the year after I gave birth. 

As it happens I don’t have high cholesterol and my GP ensures me that it’s just one of those unfortunate things that happened to me when I was pregnant. She did send me off to a specialist who confirmed that a) it was Xanthelasma and b) the NHS wouldn’t help have it removed as its cosmetic. 

There’s no way on a single income we can afford to go private to have them removed so now I’m stuck with them. I feel pretty fortunate in that I have freckles which makes me face very ‘busy’ anyway and I wear glasses so they aren’t that noticeable but they are there and I’ve had to learn to accept them. 

As accepting of them as I am, I do worry that if we wanted to one day extend our family I may get more/of they would get worse. It feels so vain typing that but it is a worry of mine. 

I’m not sure why I’m writing this really. I just  want to put it out there – yup, I have yellow patches around my eyes and yup, I’ve had them checked out. Am I currently bothered by the appearance of them? Not really. Do I wish I didn’t have them? Yes.

So that’s me and my fatty eye deposits. Niiiicccceeeee. 

Talk soon xxx

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