Buddy box 

Hello you! 

Today I want to write about a present I was gifted by my gorgeous friend Nim as a late birthday gift. It may seem strange that I am reviewing a birthday gift, bare with me and you will hopefully understand why. 

So what did I get? A buddy box is what I got. 

Buddy boxes are made by a company/charity? called  Blurt who increase awareness and understanding of depression. A-maz-ing.

Mental health is so important, everyone understanding it? Even more so. 

So what did I get in my box? 

Cuteness is what I got. I got a badge, a balloon, some post it notes, a kitsch little cross stich and some food scrub. All things that I feel are a little weird and wonderful but combined make an excellent self care package.

I have to admit I cried when I received it which you probably think is weird but  I live for this kind of stuff. For wonderful little oddments that make the world go round.

I will wear that badge on my coat, I’ll scrub my feet with that stuff, I’ll leave post its for my husband, Me and E will probably go release that balloon somewhere. And the cross stitch, I’ll do it because I love to craft and then I’ll give it to someone who needs it. 

I want you to know this post isn’t sponsored. It was a genuine gift from a caring friend that I felt I needed to put out there on the Internet. I had never heard of Blurt but now I have I will probably buy a box or two for friends birthdays. 

Talk soon xx 

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