E – Age 2

Hello you! 

I wanted to note down a little about Eva. For you but also for me, so I can look back and remember. 

E is 2 years and 2 weeks old. She is tiny in height and weight (a throw back from being premature) 

She has hazel eyes and long brown hair. Her eyelashes are long and her lips are naturally pouty. 

She has a huge vocabulary and understanding but she currently only speaks in one syllable words. 

She loves to dance, play outside and be chased. She doesn’t sleep through the night yet.

She eats like a fairy, lots of variety but tiny bites. 

Her favourite person right now is me. I’m mentioning that because it used to be daddy, always daddy. Recently the tides have changed and she loves a mummy cuddle.

Her favourite TV show is Curious George and she gets annoyed when it isn’t on. She thinks anyone with long brown hair and glasses is her  ‘Na’ (Nanny) 

E is bonkers, fun, feisty, determained. She is also gentle, softly spoken and in many ways still a baby.

The love of my life, always.

Talk soon xx 

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