Our fairy. 

Recently we had a fairy move in with us, she’s called Flossie.

We bought her door from the Irish Fairy door company , chose where it would live and waited for her to move in.

I absolutely love this kind of stuff. It’s magical and childhood should be just that. Flossies door is in E’s bedroom and even though she is only 2, she knows not to touch it.

So far Flossie has bought E some stickers and every night she has chosen a book for us to read at bed time. She leaves it for us on her door step.

The Irish fair door company have put so much effort into these doors. Along with the door, you get a little key, some wooden steps, a lease agreement (which is adorable) and a little note pad. You also get a code to register your fairy online. It’s so sweet. I already know that I’ll be buying another door at Christmas time for our god daughter. 
I’ve been following some ideas on what Flossie can get up too on Pinterest and I’ve got grand plans for Christmas time. 

If Flossie does get up to anything. I’ll let you know here.

Talk soon xx 

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