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Meal planning Monday’s 

In the world of blogging amongst the gorgeous flat lays and lipstick swatches there is also a community of bloggers who plan their weekly meals and blog about it and you know what?


As a stay at mum, I am in charge of feeding my gang 3 meals a day, 7 days a week and some times no matter how hard I try I can’t think of anything beyond toast. This is where my love for the meal planners come in. I have gained lots of ideas when reading their variety of posts from super savvy cheap meals to some thing a little more exciting than usual. 

I really want to join in so here goes ….. 

This week on the menu we have 

Spag Bol – Absolute hit in this house. 

Home made burgers with sweet potatoe fries – Dead simple, feels fancy and quiet cheap. 

5 bean chilli con carne – Meat free, packed with goodness and really easy to whip up. 

Steak pie – Now this is interesting. I am doing the weight watchers no count diet and I recently noticed people on their community boards making pies from sandwich thins. Got to give that a go haven’t I?! I’ll probably serve it up with some veggies and new potatoes. 

Pork loin and home made veggie rice – Another new recipe for me to try. Toddler loves rice so why not? 

Gammon, Egg and Chips – Another absolute hit in this house. Hubs loves meat & Toddler loves home made chips. I love food so everyone is happy.

Chicken lasagne roll ups – Another newbie to try. It’s tortilla wraps, stuffed with chickeny saucy mess, rolled up, sprinkled with cheese and baked a little. It’ll either be the most delicious meal ever or a disaster. Who knows? 

And that’s it! What will you be scoffing this week?! 

Talk soon xxx

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